it's impossible to understand,
what's going on through a guy's heart
you told me that you wanted me
and now i've given you everything
you tell me you are leaving

you told me that is was the first time
you felt this way
and said that i was special
i believed you.. and it was my happiness

you should have told me that your feelings had faded
i had no idea,
i continued to depend on you
although i say i hate you now
i will be missing you

because i'm a girl
to whom love is everything
they say that when you gives a guy 
all he wants,
he quickly gets bored
and now i know that is the truth
and although i tell myself
i will never be tricked by love again
i fall in love, and my heart is broken again

please dont break the heart of girls,
who will do anything for love
i didnt know that living this life
while being loved would be so hard

today we broke up
you told me to meet someone better than you
and be happy
you are just like all the other guys
what happened to, when you told me
that you loved me?

honestly, i dont want you to be happy
what am i going to do 
if you really forget about me?
i'm in so much pain,
more pain than i can bear
because i'm still in love with you

there's someone i'm in love with
although i can't be with you now
i'm still in love with you