The capital S

Hey everyone ! Have a nice day.
The big secret will be reveal today.

Let me introduce,
Sam Tsui .
Just in love with him..
ahaaa, sorry , i love to listen his voice.
Pretty awesome voice ; i guess. 

My heart is running on empty
One more day and then we go
Yeah the time goes on now
Don't ask me how
I don't know

We'll be home tomorrow
but a thousand miles too far away
say you won't forget and i'll be okay

at least tonight
It's just you and me and honestly
That's everything I need

-Don't want an ending-

Graduated from CFS IIUM

Praise to Allah , i'm done with my foundation.
The sweetest thing i got during my study is received Dean's List for every semester. Plus got 4.00 for first semester.  Totally a happy girl \'o'/

A lot of things , experience yg boleh belajar semasa di CFS IIUM. The most important thing dapat asah my leadership skills. Tak semua orang ada benda ni. Sifat malu tu buang jauh - jauh . Experience to speak out loud in front others dapat dipraktikkan di sekolah. And i just LOVEEEEE it! 

and InsyaAllah will continue my study in
Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning ( Honours ) on this upcoming September .

Wish me luck. With love

Life as a Teacher

So begins my life as a teacher.

I have spent about two months at SK Pida 3. and this week is my last second week :) There is tons thing that i do not know and i need to learn . yes ! learn !

Apparently, i was sent to SK Pida 3 because I was supposed to fill in an empty spot by Kak Syada until the end of this August. And I supposed to teach English and Kajian Tempatan.What ? English ! Am I dreaming?? I was assigned to take over three classes , 3D ,3W, and 4D. Each grade is streamed into two classes. The D classes for the higher ability pupils and the W classes for lower ability ones. It's all alright. Need to calm down myself.

It's the time . I need to go first . Will update my pupils later :)